Since 2013 Rose Recording has been a full-time icon in Gospel music recording for over a decade. Located in the rolling hills of Southeast Ohio, there is a sound produced like no other. Joel Rose, the owner and audio engineer of Rose Recording, is a God gifted and talented musician and singer. Anything that has strings, keys, or makes noise, Joel can put a melody to it.

His passion for Gospel music has flourished the music industry with his touch on hundreds of full project albums and tracks over the years. His music has reached many states across the U.S. and is continuously growing for the cause of Christ. His humble personality and love for God is what makes recording music fun, joyful, and inspiring.

If you are interested in recording at Rose Recording, or if you are in need of price information, scheduling, graphic design for album projects, photography, music videos, overdubs for single tracks, studio recording and mastering, please contact Joel Rose of Rose Recording at:                                                  


God Bless,

Rose Recording