Update on new CD!

Hey friends, 

Just a quick update on the progress of the new cd. 

I've been in the studio a couple of times these past few weeks and have made a lot of progress. We've completed vocals {my lead and harmony vocals} on 7 of the 14 new songs. The ones we have completed are sounding awesome. I'm excited for you all to hear them, 

I know we had hoped for a fall release, but due to work schedules and other bumps along the way, it looks like it won't be ready until later this fall and possibly not until this winter. I'm praying they are ready before Christmas, but that's not looking like the case either. I do appreciate all of you that have pre-ordered and please know when they do come in yours will be the first to be sent out. Thanks for being so patient! 

I am going to be offering this new project on a flash drive as well. Also the possibility of doing my older projects on flash drives as well. More details on that later. 

You all are gonna love this new music. Each one of these songs are special to me. Two of the songs are originals that the Lord gave me. And of course none of my cds would be compete without a couple Carolyn Connor songs. There's even a contemporary song on there. Well in bluegrass style of course. Okay, that's enough secrets!! You'll just have to wait for the finished product to hear the rest. 

Keep praying guys. It will be done soon. 

Much love and prayers


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